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Award acceptance conditions

Graduate & professional students

Before you submit your efaan responses, you will be asked to agree to the following award acceptance conditions for your financial aid. Please read them to ensure that you understand the agreement you have with the University as a financial aid recipient.

  • My enrollment status must be at least half time (as defined by my degree program) at the end of the cancel/add period each term, to be eligible for a federal Unsubsidized or Graduate PLUS student loan. See the enrollment verification fact sheet for full-time and half-time enrollment status definitions by program.
  • My enrollment status must be full time (as defined by my degree program) at the end of the cancel/add period each term, to be eligible for a federal Perkins, Health Professions, University Trust Fund Loan (UTFL), or Nursing student loan. See the enrollment verification fact sheet for full-time and half-time enrollment status definitions by program.
  • I understand that fellowships, most scholarships and graduate assistant appointments require full-time enrollment. If I receive one of these awards and do not enroll full time, I must contact the scholarship donor/University employer to request an exception. My award may be revised or canceled if I do not meet the enrollment requirements of the donor/University employer.
  • I understand that audited course work and extended-term, Online and Distance Learning (ODL) courses are not eligible for financial aid.
  • I understand that May/summer term financial aid will be awarded separately after I register for May/summer term classes.
  • I understand if I receive any scholarships from organizations outside of the University of Minnesota, (e.g., a local community organization), it is my responsibility to forward the check(s) to the Office of Student Finance (OSF) for processing. I will endorse any check that is made payable to me and the University of Minnesota. I understand my existing financial aid awards will be reviewed and adjustments may be made based on the receipt of my scholarship(s). I understand the University of Minnesota allows me to receive the maximum benefit of any scholarship within the U.S. Department of Education guidelines.
  • I must make satisfactory academic progress toward my degree each term in accordance with the University of Minnesota Financial Aid Policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • I understand that before I can receive veterans benefits I must request school certification from the Veterans Certification representative at a One Stop Student Services Center.
  • I understand that any WorkForce Center assistance, DRS funding, state services for the blind funding, or ward of the court assistance I receive must be included on this eFAAN. If not listed as an award on this eFAAN, I understand it is my responsibility to report the award name and amount by email to
  • I will submit copies of required tax forms and any other documents if selected for the Federal Quality Assurance or Verification programs, or if requested by OSF.
  • I understand that disbursement of my aid to my student account occurs 7 to 10 days before the first day of each term I attend, provided that I have submitted all of the required documentation.
  • I understand that I may be required to repay to the University of Minnesota any aid I have received if any of the conditions listed below occur. The University reserves the right to revise my package if:
    • there are changes in my enrollment or credit load.
    • government regulations, University policy, or sources of funding change prior to, or during, the award year.
    • an error occurs that results in an aid award for which I am not eligible.
    • overpayments occur.
    • I report other assistance not listed on my original eFAAN or the Office of Student Finance (OSF) becomes aware of other resources I am receiving that have not been reported by me.
    • I do not meet satisfactory academic progress requirements.
  • If I receive a University scholarship, I give permission to OSF to release related scholarship information from my student record and my student ID photo to the University, the University of Minnesota Foundation, and scholarship donor(s). If asked, I agree to write a thank-you letter to the scholarship donor(s).

By clicking I Agree, I certify that I understand and agree to comply with all policies and procedures regarding my student financial aid awards. This eFAAN replaces any previous Financial Aid Award Notice issued by the University of Minnesota. If you have concerns about any of the above, please contact the One Stop Student Services Center at