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In-progress Notifications (Mid-term grades)

The University of Minnesota requires instructors of 1XXX-level courses to provide in-progress notifications (mid-term grades) for students who may receive a D, F, or N grade at mid semester.

If you are assigned an in-progress notification it will be viewable in your My Academics tab of MyU.

In-progress notifications are provided as a courtesy to students. Failure to receive a midterm alert is not cause for a student to contest a grade in a course.

In-progress notifications are typically provided no later than week 9 of the semester. This allows time for students to improve their grade(s). It also allows students, if necessary, to withdraw by week 8 of the semester, which is the last opportunity to cancel classes without college approval.

Academic advisers are notified of any advisee who receives an in-progress notification; the process for addressing this issue varies by program and college. Students should talk with their instructor and academic adviser about any in-progress notifications they receive.


Visit University Resources to assist with academic achievement and improvement. For more information about in-progress notifications, read the University of Minnesota policy on in-progress notifications .