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Midterm alerts

The University of Minnesota requires instructors of 1XXX-level courses to provide midterm alerts for students who may receive a D, F, or N grade at mid semester.

Midterm alerts are provided as a courtesy to students. Failure to receive a midterm alert is not cause for a student to contest a grade in a course.

Midterm alerts are typically provided no later than week 7 of the semester. This allows time for students to improve their grade(s). It also allows students, if necessary, to withdraw by week 8 of the semester, which is the last opportunity to cancel classes without college approval.

Academic advisers are notified of any advisee who receives a midterm alert; the process for addressing midterm alerts varies by program and college. Students should talk with their instructor and academic adviser about any midterm alerts they receive.


Visit University Resources to assist with academic achievement and improvement. For more information about midterm alerts, read the University of Minnesota policy on midterm alerts.